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Thank you very much to the many people who have written to us with their wonderful remarks about Kobashi Essential Oils. As you will see by reading pages of testimonial: we are a real essential oil company that cares that you are getting the very best We have been providing quality at very fair prices for over 33 years and will be here till our life ceases.

Best wishes, Lynda & Scott Ballard

Picture Of Lily with a Rose bush
planted by her greatgrandmother.

Most of hese Testimonials were written pre 2006. We have become so busy over the years our primary focus is keeping quality products in stock and getting them to you as fast as possible. We do almost no advertising and rarely send an email to customers, unless absolutely necessary. Although I have thought of it, we don't see why we should pay trustpilot or feefo to add reviews when we are already busy. We have many other testimonials that we haven't put up.

We appreciate your comments.

18/10/2018 Name:cherie m wilson Message: I received your essential oils today and was really impressed with the quality. The notes in the oils are fresh and distinct and beautifully complex. Your bottles, lid seals, and packaging worked well with no leaks even though they were shipped a long distance. With quality like this, your business is bound to grow quite a bit. Thanks for a job well-done.


I just wanted to thank you so much for providing such phenomenal products.  The Essential Oils are the absolute best. (Unfortunately, I wasted my money on testing several others...so I know)   I finished school and have started manufacturing my own line of massage oils, lotions, mists, etc.  I have given several samples out of my product(s)and the response has been more than what I had hoped  I must give Kobashi credit for this as if your products were not so pure, the response would be different.  Thank you for taking the time to make such wonderful products to pass on!  And, lastly, the customer service and communication I have received from you is also above and beyond.  I have been dealing with many companies for different items and Kobashi and Mark especially has been outstanding!  I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.   

Best Regards,

I have received my previous last order , they are extremely good, I like it very much, therefore I buy the oils again . Thank you! YAO, JUN YONG, china

Heh, no need-- I already know before receiving them they will be the same extraordinary quality they always are! Mavis, New york


thanks for goods, they are very fine, I tested some of them and was pleased. now my specialists tested oils and creams. Best regards, Inga Millere, Latvia


I first started using Kobashi oils while studying on a two-year holistic health diploma in 1997. I came across the company at an holistic health show, probably Manchester. The college teachers were using essential oils from a variety of sources, none as clean smelling as those I'd purchased from Kobashi. I'd been using oils for some years prior to college, and these were the best I'd come across.

I introduced Kobashi to fellow students, and I've been using them ever since - first in the UK with Raindrops Holistic Therapies, then Puckara in Peru and then the UK. I moved to the USA two years ago last Saturday and finally everything is in place to launch Nirvana holistic therapies and workshops Feb 15. Working from home, workshops at various locations - incuding aromatherpy for the home. I've found the Kobashi team to be extremely helpful and friendly, the oils and products are the best. I trust Kobashi, like where the company comes from and is going. You believe in what you have, care about the evironment. Kobashi and all it stands for has integrity. This is my only choice for Nirvana clients.

PS I still have two burners from 1997 - survived relocations throughout the UK, Peru and to the USA!

Lorraine Weiss PA. USA


I received my oils this morning, they smell wonderful and I look forward to introducing my clients, family and friends to them. Thank you for such a speedy delivery!

Kind regards,
Claire. USA

Love your oils.
Audrey Hayes


recieved my order ...excellent service, as usual.
thanks for the free orange oil, it is much appreciated.
waiting patiently for some of your neroli oil...i am using what i have left very sparingly...as i refuse to buy from any other supplier.
thanks again for your excellent service and quality.

penny kibbee

Dear Scott & Lynda
I met you both a few weeks ago at the Professional Beauty Show at Excel. It was very interesting talking to you and I am delighted to have been introduced to Kobashi by my enthusiastic friend!
I'm loving trying all the oils I bought and look forward to my next order with you ... it's so wonderful to buy with confidence and to be able to treat clients knowing exactly where the oils have come from and how pure they are.
You mentioned that at present you do not have Neroli, but it is due to be harvested soon. Would you please be kind enough to contact me when you have it in stock as I am desperate for some more? My face cream isn't the same without Neroli and I also use it alot with my clients ... no need to tell you it's one of my favourite oils!!
Thank you very much
With Kind Regards
Helen (Dixon)

I want to tell you a story about your oils.

I was in a medical massage class this past weekend. I noticed I was having pain and discomfort in my left axilla and there was an enlarged lymph node. after 24 hours I was still having problems. A girl in the class applied Cypress, Franken, Oregano and Thyme. Within 12 hours I was fine and there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary to the axilla. I am convinced there are truly therapeutic values in your oil.

Thanks, Sandy


I received my order of oils on Thursday, 2 March. Thank you! I always appreciate the gift oil, such a generous offering in these times of greedy and stingy people. Very refreshing!

Yours in peace,

Annie Annis


Dear @>---- Annie

I don't know how long we will be giving the free oil. We will be starting a sharing system with the new web site where you can have 10% off your order and a % to be decided of every order anyone who uses your link.

We just did a big show at excel in London and a stand next to us was selling 200mls of some bath product with essential oils to the trade for £130GBP ($227USD). For what I can see all their products are well overpriced. All glitz and advertising. I know our products are premium and should be staged higher priced in accordance with the market. Why people are fooled by the hype always amazes me. I guess most think because there's a pretty model and lots of advertising in a big way the product is better. I know ingredients and it's what's on the inside that counts.

Thank you very much for telling us how you feel. Your words are very appreciated! :-) We look forward to hearing from you again.

Dear Lynda & Scott
I have received the parcel in good condition and
thanks for the gift oil.
Thank you so much!!!
Best regards !

Dear Kobashi,
Thank you for providing such wonderful pure products at a wonderful price. I'm a new user of essential oils and choose to use them for personal care, aromatherapy, and in making my own housecleaners. I look forward to experimenting with your products (safely, of course) and buying from your company in the future.

In care and health,
Diane T.

The oils arrived today and they are great, as usual. I love
the box, too. These are the nicest boxes I've seen for the
essential oils.

Thanks again for the great service.

Dawn Drake

Thank you again for your amazing help and personal touch in obtaining my oils! I had no idea I would run into so much hassle trying to use my credit card internationally!

As for the oils themselves, I am amazed everyday as I share more and more the wonderful blessing of your essential oils in which I am able to restore back to health those who are struggling in mind, body and soul. They truly are therapeutic!

These are just the thing I have been looking for to utilize and share among my healing circles.

I wanted let you know my oils arrived safe and sound...it has been awhile since I have had my favorite oils..to use...to enjoy. Rose, Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Lavender, and Frankincense are my all time favorites. I am so grateful to be able to have these oils available for me to use both professionally and personally.

Knowing I have a place to obtain great quality oils, I am always grateful to you all at Kobashi.

Many Blessings!

Mahalo Nui Loa!
(Thank you very much!)

Rev. Brad Charlevoix
Entheos Wellness Center
Kealakekua, HI
The Big Island

Recieved my order all the way in Alaska in just 9
days. the oil is very nice.
Thank you!!

That's lovely. Thanks for sending it.

It further persuades me that you're really serious about providing excellent oils, too. Love your products, and I like the info you provide about the testing you do. I've looked at other sites and you seem pretty unique in describing the tests for pesticides, etc.


Thanks so much.
I love your products and especially your philosophy of working with the earth.
Thank you.

Hay Linda & Scott,
I received my order just fine. This is not the first time however that I
have used Kobashi oils. I have been involved with EO`s now for over a year,
being introduced to oils through a friend who used Young Living oils. I
loved the oils and what they did to change my life. All I knew about EO was
what I learned from YL. My passion for the oils took me to other sources to
read anything I could get my hands on about EO`s and aromatherapy.
With all this research I had been doing it didn`t make sense to me that the
only quality therapeutic oils available was through YL as they made it
sound. The cost of their oils was killing me! So I started looking else where.
And I looked everywhere I could think of. While searching the net I came
across many companies but none sounded good enough for my fears I had.
Until I found your site. You just sounded to me that you care allot about
keeping the oils pure and therapeutic and I liked your philosop on this
world we live in and our responsibilities we have to keeping it the best it
can be. Your company I felt was worth giving a try. My daughter is also
very into using EO`s and also skeptical about trying other companies, being
sold on the quality of YL as I was. But she too wanted an alternative place
to buy oils. Being I didn`t have a credit card at the time and she did she
made out first order for us. And has continued until recently when I was
able to purchase for myself. After trying your oils I was so excited I had
to tell everyone I knew who used EO`s to try kobashi. Your oils had
wonderful therapeutic effects and I knew then that your oils are as good
[maybe better] than YL. And I must tell you that everyone here has tried
and love your oils. The amount it cost me to buy oils from you are more
than half of what I spent before. I only wish that I could get from you
more carrier oils and things of that nature being I do a lot of my own
blending. I am totally sold, and satisfied with kobashi. I am also very
grateful for the free oil you always send. Its always exciting to see what
comes with the orders. It is a pleasure doing business with you. You are
tops on my list and will continue to tell all that I know about kobashi and
your wonderful, therapeutic oils.
Thanks for being there......Sharon

Thank you so much.
I am always pleased to receive oils from Kobashi.
I now use your oils exclusively as I like your company mission, your
commitment to the environment and superior product. Thank you for going the
extra mile!

Pauline Kosowan

To Everyone at Kobashi,
I hope your trip to America is a happy and safe one. I too believe that love's healing energy is the only thing that can bring lasting peace in the world. Let's all share it when and where we can, and pray that people everywhere will feel it, especially during this holiday season.

I have not ordered from you in a long time but will do so soon. Your letter was a reminder to me that I need some more oils, and inspiring. Thank you.

Helen Mathews

Wow! Received the goods and your free gift today! Thanks for your superivous services. I have shared the floral water with my mother. She loves it as much as I do!  Thanks!!
Best regards,
Esther Lo 

Dear Lynda,

I've recieved my parcel this Tuesday after my order 9 days. Thank you for your carefully packaging and promptly forwarding.

I like my aroma goods very much, and many thanks for the free essential oil.

Thanks again for your perfectly service. I'll buy again.

Best regards,

Shanghai China

Dear Lynda & Scott:

Thanks for your generosity. Buying those wonderful things from you, always have been the happiest experiences. We are looking forward to shopping on your website again soon.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Diana Kuo

Dear Kobashi,
I, also my workmates, received CH705 last friday. And after one week, we are all surprised by your products more or less. The nice smell, the magical effect, the high quality ... suchlike topics during our noon break and it's all about you, Kobashi.
I am very happy that they now enjoy your products just like I do. And I think the PO I send yesterday (CH748) proves the most. And there are still more workmates want to join my purchase to try your products next time.
Thank you for your good work!

Best Regards,
Yao, Yuan

I am interested in being a distributor of your products.  What is
necessary in order for me to do that?  I have been using Kobashi
oils for approximately 2 years now; I love your oils and recommend
you to my other therapist friends.  But now my clients are beginning
to ask me to get oils for them.

Yours truly in health & wellness-
Sherri DeFord,
Therapeutic Touch & Stone Massage

What you say matters to us and keeps us going.

Dear Kobashi:

I have received all the oils and the floral water, they reached singapore so fast and they are nicely packed and good to use. The neroli must be one of the best I have tried. the other oils are wonderful too. Plus I received a lovely 5ml bottle of spearmint. The oils are comprehensively labeled which I appreciate much. Wish you all the best in your business!


Dear Kobashi:

I forgot to add this in my previous testimonial. Unlike many of the other companies, your company offers a truely reasonable shipping price yet a nice package, which I really appreciated greatly. Keep it up!


Fennel-Seed-Sweet: The smell is good. When I use this oil, I can also think of some foods. ^_^ Floral-Water-Lavender-Vera-Organic: The smell is good. At the beginning, I
don't think the smell is good. But, the more I use it, the better I love the smell. Now, I can say, I love the smell. Niaouli: The smell is good when I screw up the cap. It's also good at the
beginning I drop out the oil. However, when I used it, I can smell a strange smell, just like the smell of "dead mouse" or something like that. Well, only I feel so. When I let my sisters smell it, they say they didn't feel that smell. I read from a book that Niaouli is very good to us when we got sick at the beginning. For example, when I feel that I may get a cold. After using Niaouli, I recover. It's quite magic. Maybe the reason why I feel the smell of dead mouse is because I'm not healthy. And the oil is healing me at that time.

Many aromas are acquired taste: some like chocolate and others vanilla.
Niaouli smells fine to me and I understand some find it unusal.

Festive: This is the second I get this oil from you. The first time is a gift and this time, I purchase it. I love the smell and I believe this oil
can bring us happiness. Orange: This is the gift this time. I love the smell. However, when I use it
on my diffuser, I find the smell can't last. It disappear immediately.

We happened to be very lucky to have the great orange oil we have in stock now: it is the best I have ever come across. With any of the top note oils the aroma doesn't last long, so I always put 8 or more drops on the aromastream pad or on the Hot bowl every half hour. Try lime oil it last longer than the Grapefuit or Orange.

By the way, I'd like to let you know I really appreciate your attitude to
"tragedy". When I received the broken Lavender Water, you sent me a new one
in a short time. Thank you. (I believe both of us hope that won't happen
again in the future. ^^_^^)

That's all.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

We are here for the future, most likely till I die and possible our daughter will continue the business when she grows up. She's a better nose than I. But of course she's lived with essential oils since conception. When Lily rose from the birthing pool she smelled Lavender, Chamomile roman and Peppermint.

Dear Scott
Thanks for your help and the great oils.
Mary Boucher

Dear Sir/Madam

Thanks for the speedy delivery. As usual, all the products are packed in well-condition and smell nice! I am so happy with your product and service.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Helen Wong


I've received the products this Wednesday including the incentive product sample, Orange eseential oil. Thank you.

Best regards,


Question Comment: My friend says that because your label says don't eat and dilute, that your products are unsafe. She gives the rational that her Young Living Oils don't have that statement. I am wanting to introduce your product to my friends, but they say they won't put oils on their skin if it's not edible. I love and trust your product, can you give me some insight on her claim?

Dear Kindra

People who write such things are silly opportunist or just plan misinformed.

It is true that some essential oils can be used internally at very low dilutions. There are other essential oils such as eucalyptus or any oil with cineole ( a naturally occurring chemical in many essential oils, which may cause liver damage.) So it sounds like your friend is playing with fire for the sake of money.

Our essential oils are the best I can buy. All our oils are tested to parts per trillion. We have been researching and selling pure essential oils since 1985.

It is because they are 100% Pure essential oils that they must be diluted to the correct dose. I could seem them being used internally if they were well diluted. Some I wouldn't take them internally at all.

It bother's me that people are saying things that are potentially dangerous.
I'm not going to tell you stories to get a sale.

Best regards, Scott

PS: There are many essentail oils that can be taken internally, but a low dilution <0.5% and only by people who know what they are doing. I use the citrus oils, lavender, Rose and Neroli in cakes and the herb oils, like marjoram, oregano, thyme and sage in soups and salad dressings. Spearmint, Myrrh, Frankincense peppermint and tea tree are used in tooth paste.

Dear Mr. Scott Ballard,
Confirm received your parcel on today in good condition and together with a "Spearmint" e.o. sample.
Thank you very much for your prompt delivery.


goods are well received in good condition


Emily Leung


hi hi,
i've already received the parcel yesterday, just as what you've mentioned - 7 days.
everything's in good condition, safe and sound. oh yes, thank you for the extra little gift!
wish you have a prosper development so that many more peace and healings be obtained by us via your quality products!
God bless you all!
c :p

hello, lynda & scott,

thanks so much! i got the oils yesterday.
the smell is really nice!
& deeply appreciate the speedy delivery!


Hi Scott,

I rec'd my order on 6/30.. Thx you for a real fast delivery.
Thank you so much.

All the oils I purchased are wonderful, and I love the gift oil you sent, as well. thank-you so much! You've definitelywon me over! A friend had asked me to include an order for herself withmine, and she is also impressed. I will order next time soo.

Best regards,

My oils arrived this morning, they all smell lovely, including the free orange oil, and I am very impressed by the speed of the (next day!!) service! Thank you very much!!

Jenny Allen

Dear Mr. Scott:
Thanks for your advice about expelling the ant.
I've tried the peppermint, and it works.
Now, I would like to make my cats happy.
Please add two 10ml "CATNIP" Oils ($20.58 per bottle) to my Order CH452. And would you please advise me that except making my cats happy, what the properties of CATNIP are?
Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,
Diana Kuo

Dear Diane

Great to hear about the Peppermint!
We will add the Catnip.

QUALITIES: Catnip is much loved by cats. It is a very effective insect repellent, especially against mosquitoes. Research conducted at Iowa State University found that Nepetalactone, a chemical in catnip, to be ten times more effective than Deet (Diethyl-m-toluamide), the chemical used in most commercial insect repellents. To this end Catnip is an ingredient in our insect blends.The herb has a long history of traditional medicinal use.

My oils arrived a little bit late for what i wanted to use them for, but that is only because I was cutting it so close on ordering time, i really needed them in 7 days and knew it was possible i wouldn't get them in time. I ordered on Friday and the oils arrived 8 days later. The oils are wonderful, and the gift of orange oil is great, it smells fantastic and was a nice surprise when i opened the box.

Erika Redler

Dear Scott,

The package arrived here yesterday safely. Thanks for the free Orange essential oil.

Kind regards,


Hi Lynda and Scott,

We received the oils a few days back, and we are very happy with them.
Thank you so much for the free Orange oil. We will order more as soon as we
use these up!


Question Comment: Thanks for my recent purchase. I just love your service and am always pleased with the oils.so who needs Young Living oils. They may be good but I haven't even tried them , because I am always pleased with your product.
Another happy customer
Marlene Smith, PA., USA



I just made an order oline, Order Number: CH438

As a practitioner, I receive a wholesale rate. Please send me a revised invoice when it is convenient.

It has been awhile since I have made an order, I am eager to receive some more great oils from you.

Mahalo Nui Loa! (Thank you very much!)

Rev. Brad Charlevoix


Hello Lynda and Scott,

I just received my order today. I had no custom fee to pay. I am very satisfied with my order. The items all arrived in good condition. They were very well wrapted! Petitgrain is surprising, less flowery that what I expected, but I am happy to have experience that smell ;)  I love the sent of Neroli and also the orange (that was the free oil.) The orange is nothing like the one I buy here in Qubec! I will certainly be buying again from you!

Thank you for your great work and service,


p.s. sorry for my english it is not my mother tongue ;)

Dear Isabelle

Thank you very much for getting back to us with the good news.
Your English is fine.
Petitgrain is from the branches of pruned bitter orange trees, thus the earthy woody notes.
Neroli is from the flowers of the same tree.
Yes the orange we have now is a very good one.

thank you again,


By the way, I was told by a friend whos learned Japanese that your Companys name Kobashi in Japanese has the same meaning of fragrance with the Chinese/Japanese character F on your logo in Chinese. I found that it is very meaningful and interesting.

Thank you for your gift oils every time. I and my family are enjoying them all.

Great thanks for your help.

Best regards,
Diana Kuo

DEAR Diana

Thank you for your condolences. I am very philosophical about death, since my brother of 18 left his body when I was 20 and the fact that I will go one day. I believe our spirit does not die.

Thank you for the interest in the name and character. Your learned friend is quite right. As long as Kobashi is said with a long O it will be good smell, good aroma or good fragrance coming from all direction. It is ancient Japanese word and character in Chinese has similar meaning. We would like all the world to live as one in caring kindness. Smell being one of our most ancient senses can help.

Question Comment: I have placed my third order this week and eagerly await its arrival. I am new to essential oils and greatly appreciate your website with easy to understand language and useful descriptions of the oils. I have recommended your oils to my friends and we are currently making lotions and massage oils with your awesome products.
My current favorite is a lavender-peppermint mixture I make for my very own pick me up. Oooh, Smells so good. Keep up the awesome work.

Kelly Robles


Question Comment: Hey,
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received the oils Monday. I got to use them for the first time Wed. I wanted to try them as an alternative to other cleaning supplies, becasue sometimes when I clean with certain chemicals my nose bleeds. I made a mix of the thyme, eucalyptus, tea tree, and lavender to clean with. I did some cleaning yesterday and had no problems or nose bleed. I really enjoyed the pleasant smell it left behind as well. It was nice to like the way my cleaner smelled. I also think it will be fun experimenting with different oils. I am curious though, do you know of any scientific research that has been done that proves that certain oils are antiseptic, antiviral, etc.?

Also, I wanted to comment that I couldn't find any place locally that sold oils. So I looked around on the internet for a company. Your's seemed the most down to earth, honest and experienced of them all. I must say the customer service is exceptional as well. I look foward to further exploring the different oils and I will definitely order from you again.

Regina Bellon


Question Comment: I've been using your First Aid remedy roll on which I find is fantastic on stings and spots, as well as for easing headaches, which I get horrible nausea with, and this makes me feel much better within minutes. But now I can't find it! I'd bought it from Veganstore.co.uk, but they no longer have it on their site and I can't find it on your site either. Has it been discontinued? I'll be very disapointed if I can't get any more, it's one of the most effective products I've ever used.

Sarah McConnell


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