Why Vegan?


Most know without reading this. Process to result is a reality that we all have to live and die with. We are not telling you how to live or eat, just what we believe to be true for us. Not everyone in the world can be Vegan. Nice to be able to pontificate from our privileged life. We just want all to be healthy and happy. I know it's a lot to ask.

  • Reducing Suffering?
  • Reducing global warming?
  • Reducing starvation?
  • Reducing disease?

Mad cows prion disease, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Bird flu highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, Sars and Corona were crossed over to humans by eating animals and crazy scientist making them in labs. Eating animals in our opinion is not best for everyone, but due to specific dna evolution you may have an exception.

Here's a bit of advertising you can use to counter that which is ruining life and environment. The Spanish flu was a cross over from eating pigs and poultry. 50 million people died. "British team, led by virologist John Oxford postulated that a significant precursor virus, harboured in birds, mutated and then migrated to pigs kept near the front."

The other side of the narrative is our ancesters survived by eating what was necessary to fuel. Viruses, bacteria and fungi have made us what we are today. Many of us are past just surviving and do have choice. Doing our best is the best possible.


Methane and nitrous oxide doesn't help with global dimming, just extreme global warming. Burning coal and diesel is no better than animal agriculture.

Over 7.8 billion people on Earth.

Over 1 billion people are starving and the number is growing exponentially.

The crops are going to fail for Vegans too due to global warming. Meat eaters and Vegans hold hands. As we break the membrane between reality and the virtual feel the roller coaster and be entertained, as joy alllows to get more done.

  • Most crops end up feeding inhumanely factory farmed animals, to inefficiently feed humans.
  • The change to a plant based diet is exponentially growing, despite half measured intent that is slowing it down, not unlike the half measured move into alternative energy.
  • Just as there is big petrol there is big animal agriculture trying to keep hold of the market.
  • In spite of this, the number of Vegans in Britain has grown by 360% in the last 10years!
  • It was estimated one year ago that 5% of Americans are vegetarian half of these are Vegan!
  • Kobashi cares and we believe you do too. The bigger and specifics realities in realtime must come into play.
  • Synchronization toward a goal will have a smoother outcome.


Owners Lynda, Lily are Vegan. After 4years of being Vegan Scott was 99.9% plant based as he did eat some fish and chips. His father died and the best times he had with his father was fishing when a child. Scott loves fish and went without for four years. People can do the best they can. I guess that's something. Any reduction in consumption is a win. Eating between a 17hour break seems to be very healthy.

Even dog Alfie and cats are primarily plant based, but they are animals. Cats are obligate carnivores. We have purchased Alfie's food at: veggiepets.com.

lily ballard vegan food compassion awareness action on instagram

Lily made and took the pictures. Vegan cakes and ice cream taste better, are healthier, are better for the environment and can cost less. Well just because it says Vegan doesn't mean it's healthier. We could feed 80 billion people when all humans are Vegan.


We will have a major impact on health issues, reducing suffering and global warming when all Go Vegan. I know everyone can't do this, but what else can we do, but try.

Doing the Wim Hof method and taking cold showers will help, especially after reading all this.

How not to die by Michael Greger, MD

The China Study extended version, T. Colin Campbell, PhD

100 years old Ellsworth Wareham (heart surgeon)

Good luck to all and may health and happiness be your internal way.

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